3634 US HWY 319

Norman Park, GA 31771

Pastor John Myrick

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First Time Guest

We are so glad that you want to know more information about our church.  I'm sure you have questions about what to expect when you first come here, and we will try to answer all of your questions below.  We are very thankful to have you visit our website, and we would love to have you at our church soon!

Where is Southside?

We are located on US Hwy 319 on the South side of Norman Park. From Moultrie, head north on 319 and you will see us on the right. Our physical address is 3634 US Hwy 319, Norman Park, GA 31771

What do I wear?

What do I wear?

The Southside Family is not hung up on what you wear on the outside. We want you to be comfortable as you worship and serve. We have some that wear jeans and t-shirts and others that wear suits or dresses. Wear what you have.

What can I expect?

As you arrive, the big steps out front can be intimidating! You are welcome to us these and some do, but most come in the side doors. If you are coming for Sunday School we encourage you to come through the side doors on educational wings and someone will greet you and help you find appropriate classes for you or your family.

Sunday services:

Every Week-


9:45 am      Sunday School

11 am         Morning Worship

 5 pm          Choir Practice

 6 pm          Evening Worship


6:30 pm     Adult Prayer Service

6:30 pm     Youth Service

6:30 pm      Team Kids

Contact us
Mailing adress

3634 US Hwy 319

Norman Park, Georgia 31768

PO Box 226

Norman Park, Georgia 31768